2018-12-01 15:48
안녕하세요. 현재 성적으로는 사이언스 학과목이 전혀없으셔서 2019년 8월 SGU 입학으로 오시면 2년의예.4년본과로 총 6년과정입니다.

만약 대학을 졸업하고 지원하신다면

1년 포스트바깔로리엣을 SGU에서 밟으신후
4년 본과과정으로 가니 총 5년과정입니다.

1년 포스트바깔로리엣 두학기동안 배울 내용은 아래와같습니다.

==Post Baccalaureate====
 ☆Term 1
General Biology
Anatomy & Physiology I
General Chemistry I & Concepts of Organic Chemistry I (two 8- week sessions)
Math for Physical Sciences
Learning Strategies for Professionals
 ☆Term 2
Biochemistry for Life Sciences
Anatomy & Physiology II
General Chemistry II & Concepts of Organic Chemistry II (two 8- week sessions)
Physics for Medicine
Abnormal Psychology
The Post Baccalaureate Program is designed for students who do not have the required science foundation to enter the medical degree program. This 43-credit program permits students to complete the prerequisite science classes in one year with a guaranteed pathway to medicine. The Post Baccalaureate Program is not intended for students who have completed the prerequisite classes and are trying to enhance their academic credentials.
The Post Baccalaureate Program will commence once a year, each August, with completion scheduled for May of the following year. The deadline for submitting an application is June 15, of the application year.
=Students completing the Post Baccalaureate program are granted entry into St. George’s MD program if the following conditions are met:=
GPA 3.5
Passing final grade in the Post Baccalaureate Program Comprehensive Exam
North American candidates must also sit the MCAT and achieve a competitive score.
=Admission requirements =
Must have a bachelors degree or higher with little or none of the science prerequisites
Suggested GPA of 3.0 or better